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REVITIVE Aerosure - Oscillatory PEP mode

REVITIVE Aerosure is a drug-free respiratory device that has 2 modes: IMT and Oscillatory PEP.

Positive Expiratory Pressure (PEP) devices help inhaled air get behind mucus in the lungs, so that mucus can be expelled through coughing/huffing. Oscillatory PEP works in the same way as PEP with the additional benefit of oscillation, which causes vibrations in the airways and lungs. When using the slower “Oscillatory PEP” mode, this aims to replicate the natural beat frequency of cilia in the lungs. Cilia are microscopic, hair-like structures that line the breathing tubes.

See Graham's experience

People around the world have purchased Aerosure, helping to keep doing the things they love. See how Graham uses his in his video testimonial.

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Graham has COPD from prolonged exposure to asbestos, when working in the navy and now he has problems clearing mucus. Graham uses Aerosure mainly in "Oscillatory PEP" mode and feels he is able to get back to doing what he loves like going for long walks. Everyday, customers like Graham tell us about their experiences with Aerosure. See below to read more.

What people say about REVITIVE Aerosure

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As I have COPD I suffer with lots of chest infections, I feel it is so good for breaking up the inflammation when I do get an infection, even though I have my own nebuliser I find it cannot always clear my throat and chest but when I use the combination of both or just the Aerosure, I think it helps me no end."Reevoo Logo

Morris, Warrington   Reevoo Logo

Having been diagnosed with bronchiecstasis and COPD I find Aerosure very useful, especially in the morning when I need to clear my chest of overnight phlegm, I feel Aerosure helps me. I also use it in the day when my chest needs it."Reevoo Logo

Anne, Derby   Reevoo Logo

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