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What is Aerosure?

Aerosure Medic is a hand-held respiratory therapy device. Speak to your pharmacist about how Aerosure could help you to reduce breathlessness and improve mucus clearance. Aerosure combines the two well established techniques of inspiratory muscle training (IMT) and oscillatory positive expiratory pressure (OPEP) in a portable and easy to use rechargable device.

Aerosure Medic works by spinning a valve inside the device at high speed to rapidly open and close the flow of air in to and out of the lungs. As you breathe through the mouthpiece the oscillating valve creates a resistance, vibrating the chest wall to work the lung muscles harder and improve respiratory fitness.

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How aerosure works

Aerosure Medic is a Class I medical device that has been specifically designed to help people with breathing difficulties caused by:


"The aerosure has considerably helped with my breathing. I have COPD and with correct use my life has become more manageable."

9 out of 10 - George, Coatbridge Reevoo Logo


"I have a bronchiectasis and this device loosens the glue like fluid with minimum effort. I used to have a manual device which left me exhausted and light headed so am very pleased with this purchase"

10 out of 10 - Wendy, Colchester Reevoo Logo

Cystic fibrosis

"It appears to be effective at helping us manage the symptoms associated with our daughter's cystic fibrosis. "

10 out of 10 - Roy, London Reevoo Logo

Chronic heart failure

"Aerosure is great. I can get through the day a lot easier. I have lots of faith in it and have recommended it to others. I use it to exercise my lungs. It is strengthening them. It gives me a bit more freedom in my breathing. It helps my breathing and loosens up my chest." Reevoo Logo

William, Twickenham


"This little machine has really improved my life and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone with asthma or breathing problems."

10 out of 10 - Colin, Wolverhampton Reevoo Logo

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Real People. Real Results.

Speak to your pharmacists or health care professional now to see if Aerosure could help you.

Aerosure is intended to:

  • tickReduce shortness of breath and relieve breathlessness with regular use.
  • tickIncrease respiratory fitness with regular use.
  • tickImprove mucus and phlegm clearance.

While other breathing devices are available, Aerosure is unique in that it is designed to overcome the performance limitations of some other PEP devices as it is electrically driven.

Other comparable devices are dependent on the user holding the product at the correct angle and achieving the correct exhalation pressure in order to prove effective. As Aerosure is electrically driven it is effective regardless of the position of the device and pressure generated by the user.

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