Revitive Circulation Booster

We have designed each Circulation Booster with unique features to treat a wide range of symptoms


Revitive Essential

With less intensity levels, Revitive Essential is designed for otherwise healthy people with a relatively inactive or sedentary lifestyle.

Revitive IX

Revitive IX

With its simpler features, Revitive IX is our older model, more suitable for those with milder symptoms.

Revitive Medic

Revitive Medic

Our best-selling & most effective Circulation Booster, Revitive Medic is our latest model, with its Dual Action technology and patented waveforms.

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Revitive IX
Revitive IX
Revitive Medic
Revitive Medic
Tired aching legs & feet
Occasional swelling
Painful legs & feet
Swollen feet & ankles
Cramping in the legs & thighs
Muscle stiffness
Also suitable for those with certain medical conditions such as diabetes, osteoarthritis and high blood pressure.
Actively improves circulation
Relieves tired, aching, heavy feeling legs & feet
Maintain daily leg health
Reduces symptoms from poor circulation
Relieves aches & pains in legs & feet
Relieves cramps
Reduces swelling of the feet & legs
Improve leg strength
1-99 Intensity levels
Remote control
Patented standard IsoRocker
15 Waveforms
Class II Medical Product
1 pair of electrode body pads
1-99 Intensity levels
Remote control
15° patented IsoRocker
15 Waveforms
Class II medical product
1 pair electrode body pads
2 years standard warranty
Used by over 3 million people worldwide

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