Free shipping when you spend over $50 

Free shipping when you spend over $50 

Medic Complete

Complete Pain Management Pack

Revitive® Medic is our top of the range Circulation Booster®, it is suitable for everyone with poor circulation and also for those with certain medical conditions, including Osteoarthritis, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure or High Cholesterol.

Medic Complete bundle includes:

  • 1 Revitive Medic - $50 off
  • 1 Pack of Body Pads - worth $24.95
  • 1 Protective Carry Bag - worth $59.99
  • Gold 3 Year Protect Warranty - worth $50
  • 90-Day Risk-Free Home Trial
Save $ 144.94
RRP $ 483.94
Only $ 339.00
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Shop our summer sale
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Revitive Medic - the Key Benefits

Designed and developed in the UK, Revitive Medic Circulation Booster gets leg muscles pumping to actively increase circulation, reduce aches & pains and reduce swollen feet & ankles. Many people don’t realise that certain medical conditions, such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure or High Cholesterol, can impact their circulation.

Revitive Medic is suitable for people with Poor Circulation, as well as for those with certain medical conditions, including Diabetes, Osteoarthritis, High Blood Pressure or High Cholesterol. Patented Wide-Pulse Waveforms in Revitive Medic stimulate the nerve endings in your feet to get your leg muscles pumping, boosting your circulation.

Unique Features

1-99 Intensity Levels icon
1-99 Intensity Levels

With 99 intensity levels Revitive Medic can be adapted to meet the widest range of circulation needs. This range of intensity levels makes Revitive Medic suitable for everyone, including those with with poor circulation.

Patented IsoRocker icon
Patented IsoRocker

The IsoRocker gently allows ankle joint movement, replicating heel-toe raises as the leg muscles contract and relax. This rocking action allows movement of the ankle joint, without placing undue pressure on legs and feet.

Patented Waveforms icon
Complete body pain management

Revitive Circulation Booster also comes with TENS body pads, designed to relieve muscle and arthritis pain in other areas, including the back and shoulders.

What Revitive Medic users say

Over 3 million people around the world have purchased a Revitive Circulation Booster, helping to actively boost their circulation and help them to keep doing the things they love.

Terre sitting in a chair outside in the sunshine
Terre has always had an active life and uses Revitive to help him to maintain his lifestyle and continue to be as active as he has always been. After using Revitive he feels renewed.**

Easy to use - I had results within the first 2 weeks. My circulation and mobility improved. No more pins and needles and I can go up and down stairs with ease. I would and have definitely recommended this product.

Annette, Montreal

Ever since I have been using Revitive, it has taken the pain in my legs entirely away. I get to sleep through the night every time. It is amazing!

Carol, West Hill, Ontario

I am on my feet all day, and I have problems with my ankles. I tried the product and it has worked wonders. I just sit and watch my favorite shows while I use it, once a day. It feels great, and really helps with the swelling in my ankles.

Lesley, Scarborough, Ontario

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