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How REVITIVE Aerosure may help
to relieve your breathlessness

REVITIVE Aerosure Medic

Developed in the UK REVITIVE Aerosure is a dual function handheld device designed to improve breathing performance. Aerosure has 2 modes: Breathe Easier mode (IMT) (Inspiratory Muscle Training) and Lung Relief mode (PEP) (Oscillatory Positive Expiratory Pressure) - which can be selected depending on the treatment you require. When used in the faster IMT or Breathe Easier mode, resistance creates an increase in lung pressure and targets the respiratory muscles. This helps to work the breathing muscles harder which, with regular use, may help to reduce your breathlessness.

See how REVITIVE Aerosure helps Christine
to manage her breathlessness

People around the world have purchased Aerosure, helping to keep doing the things they love. See how Christine uses Aerosure in her video testimonial.

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Christine's had COPD for 15 years and has problems with breathlessness. Christine uses Aerosure mainly in the Breathe Easier mode and is now able to chat without becoming breathless and can easily walk to her GP surgery. Everyday, customers like Christine tell us how Aerosure has helped with their breathing & breathlessness, see below to read some of their experiences.

What people say about REVITIVE Aerosure

We love getting feedback from our customers and we share customer feedback through Reevoo, an independent review company (like Tripadvisor). If you'd like to read what people like you say about Aerosure click through to Reevoo using the link below.

I suffer from COPD, and get short of breath. I found this helped a lot better than all the inhalers I'm taking. If I wake coughing in the night a few minutes use stops it." Reevoo Logo

Thomas, Cwmbran    Reevoo Logo

The REVITIVE Aerosure has considerably helped with my breathing. I have COPD and with correct use my life has become more manageable." Reevoo Logo

George, Coatbridge    Reevoo Logo

I suffer with COPD & find the Aerosure beneficial especially when I have an attack of breathlessness. Aerosure is a useful aid for people suffering with lung problems." Reevoo Logo

John, Stroud    Reevoo Logo

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