Free delivery on all orders over £50

Free delivery on all orders over £50


How Revitive Aerosure Works

Aerosure’s patented Vibration Therapy is generated by a high speed spinning valve which rapidly opens and closes, creating a vibration in the air between your lips and your lungs.

As you breathe through the mouthpiece, the vibration targets and strengthens the breathing muscles. Breathe EasierTM with Aerosure.

The UK’s only dual-action Vibration Therapy device

Revitive Aerosure is a drug-free respiratory device with 2 unique modes:

Breathe EasierTM mode

‘Breathe Easier’ mode delivers vibrations at 25Hz, strengthening breathing muscles.

Lung Relief mode

‘Lung Relief’ mode operates at 15 Hz, designed to vibrate the airways to aid the removal of sputum.

Clinically proven

Using each mode

Turn on by holding down the power button for 2 seconds. The Lung Relief symbol will now be lit and you will hear the motor run. If you want to switch to Breathe Easier mode, press the power button once more. The Breathe Easier symbol will now be lit and you will hear the motor increase in speed.
Place the Mouthpiece in your mouth, sealing your lips around the shield to create a seal.
Then, breathe through REVITIVE Aerosure as outlined in the User's Manual. When using Lung Relief Mode remove the device from your mouth before coughing.

See Graham's experience

People around the world have purchased Aerosure, helping to keep doing the things they love. See how Graham uses his video testimonial.

 Every day, customers like Graham tell us about their experiences with Aerosure.

Graham has COPD from years of exposure to asbestos, when working in the navy. Graham uses his Aerosure mainly in Lung Relief mode - and feels he is now able to get back to going for long walks.

What people say about Revitive Aerosure

We love getting feedback from our customers and we share customer feedback through Reevoo, an independent review company (like Tripadvisor). If you'd like to read what people like you say about Aerosure click through to Reevoo using the link below.

Revitive Aerosure is great. I can get through the day a lot easier. I have lots of faith in it and have recommended it to others. I use it to exercise my lungs. It is strengthening them. It gives me a bit more freedom in my breathing.

William, Lawson
10 out of 10

I feel the Aerosure has considerably helped with my breathing. I have COPD and with correct use my life has become more manageable.


George, Coatbridge
10 out of 10

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