Free delivery on all orders over £50

Free delivery on all orders over £50


What is Revitive Aerosure?

Designed and developed at our UK headquarters, Aerosure is a patented Vibration Therapy device, which is designed to target, train and strengthen the breathing muscles. Clinically proven, its unique dual action is used in Breathe Easier™ mode or Lung Relief mode.

Revitive Aerosure works by spinning a valve inside the device at high speed to rapidly open and close the flow of air in to and out of your lungs. As you breathe through the mouthpiece the oscillating valve creates a resistance, vibrating the chest wall to work the lungs.

The UK’s only dual-action Vibration Therapy device

Revitive Aerosure is a drug-free respiratory device with 2 unique modes:

Breathe EasierTM mode

‘Breathe Easier’ mode delivers vibrations at 25Hz, strengthening breathing muscles.

Lung Relief mode

‘Lung Relief’ mode operates at 15 Hz, designed to vibrate the airways to aid the removal of sputum.


The Revitive Aerosure

  1. Aerosure Mouthpiece
  2. Aerosure Head
  3. Aerosure Device
  4. Power button and
    Dual-function selector
  5. Charging Cradle

See Revitive Aerosure in use


How to use Revitive Aerosure

Switch Revitive Aerosure on and select mode
Breathe through the mouthpiece deeply
Clean after use
Place the Revitive Aerosure back on the charging dock

What do I get when I purchase Revitive Aerosure?

Aerosure Device

This is the main part of the device, containing the motor and the rechargeable battery. Slim and lightweight, Revitive Aerosure is rechargeable by simply placing it on the charging cradle.

Aerosure Charging Cradle

The Charging Cradle is the recharging stand for your device. Again, similar to an electric toothbrush. A full charge will take approximately 12 hours.

Aerosure Head

You breathe through the (detachable) Head and we advise you replace your Revitive Aerosure Head at least every 6 months for hygiene reasons. This is similar to replacing your electric toothbrush head.

Aerosure Mouthpieces

As you put the Mouthpiece directly in your mouth we recommend replacing the Mouthpiece every two months. Mouthpieces are available from this website, in packs of 3, giving you six months of relief.

The Aerosure Guarantee

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